Old K’nex Sets

Old K'nex Sets

The K'NEX sets listed below have been discontinued, but we include them to assist you if you are thinking of buying one of the sets second hand. Click on any .
K'Nex Imagine 4Wd Crusher Tank Building Set. Experience. K'Nex Imagine Road Fighters Building Set. K'NEX Imagine 10 Model Building Fun Set. 5.
K'Nex /kəˈnÉ›ks/ is a construction toy system invented by Joel Glickman. Introduced to the U.S.. K'Nex is designed for older (5- to 12-year-old) builders, although a larger-sized version, Kid K'Nex, is aimed towards younger children.. K'Nex has released various sets, educational kits, and models consisting of assorted .
Buy K'NEX 70 Model Building Set – 705 Pieces – Ages 7+ Engineering. K'nex didn't do a better job making the instructions easier for a 7 year old, i.e. tell how .
Buy K'NEX – Deluxe Building Set – 375 Pieces – For Ages 7+ Construction. They are easy enough for him to build by himself at 6 years old and he feels very .
Amazon.com: K'NEX – 35 Model Building Set – 480 Pieces – For Ages 7+. all of the pieces because I know with a four year old this packaging will not hold up.

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