What To Do With A 2 Month Old Baby All Day

At two months old, baby’s probably realizing the joys of interaction and started to cut back a bit on snoozing so much during the day, staying up to “socialize.
Well, almost 2 months, DS is 7 weeks yesterday. I have no experience being around babies prior to DS! And I have no idea really what I should .
Your baby will be carefully watching your facial expressions and listening to your voice, responding to you with coos and gurgles, and around 2 months, respond .
She hates her swing, only tolerates her bouncy seat every once in awhile.. My baby does the same things. he is just about 11 weeks and only bats at. . and we changed activities every 15 minutes all day long without naps!
He always spits it out then wakes up, so after I got him in the crib all calmed, I hung around for a few. . a day in the life with a 1 month oldJune 29, 2012In “Baby“.

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