When Was The Hoberman Sphere Invented

A Hoberman sphere is an isokinetic structure patented by Chuck Hoberman that resembles a geodesic dome, but is capable of folding down to a fraction of its .
He also found many practical applications for his devices, which he now produces at Hoberman Associates, the company that he founded in 1990. A basic Hoberman invention is the Hoberman Sphereâ„¢, a geodesic globe that can expand from four and half to eighteen feet in diameter.
Itís the original Hoberman toy and itís now a classic and a favorite of kids and adults everywhere. It expands from 9_” to 30″ in diameter with a magical motion .
Hoberman Sphere at MoMA Expanding Sphere 2010 for Deutsche Telekom. Patents and the Process of Invention Exhibition at Cooper Union. 1990
An ingenious “unfolding structure” that uses engineered, interlocking pieces that allow it to expand and contract. Invented by Chuck Hoberman who has degrees .
Hoberman spheres can be found in toys stores, your local science museum, and in the permanent collection at MoMA. Invented by artist, engineer, architect, and .
Educator Mary Nienow working with Hoberman spheres and two Mary Hogan. a Hoberman Sphere is, (according to Wikipedia), a structure invented by Chuck .
A Hoberman sphere is an isokinetic structure patented by Chuck Hoberman that. American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist.
The Hoberman Sphere starts small and grows larger. And vice versa. Made of rainbow-colored plastic links, the sphere expands to 30 inches in diameter and .

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