Wizard Wand Secret Spells

Unleash the power of magic with the Wizard Wand! Wave your wand to summon Vog the Red Dragon or Clawtor the Blue Dragon. Cast magical spells, embark .
Spell Casting Academy. Introduction to Casting Spells. Wizard Wand Spells. Fairy Wand Spells. Watch More. Download Instructions. Wizard Wand Instruction .
Two spells are hidden, Flying Monkeys and Zombie Hoard. See the spell book that came with your wand for details on each spell. b. Fairy Wands Your wand has .
Includes 1 14″ wizard wand, 1 illustrated instruction booklet, and rechargeable lithium battery with charging cord for endless play. Vog’s Unique Spells are Fire .
Buy Of Dragons, Fairies, and Wizards Fairy Fern Hand Held Wand, Pink: Pretend. Skeleteen Light Up Magic Wand – Pretend Play Witch and Wizard Wand with Lights. . However, as we were trying to secretly wrap presents on Christmas eve, .
Spells are actions that use patronus as a source of magic. To cast a spell you say the name of the spell (while holding a wand) and click on a target. If you have .

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