Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn Instructions

At any time, press the heart button on your Zoomer Enchanted Unicornâ„¢ and she will perform one of her many tricks.. The more you play with Zoomer Enchanted Unicornâ„¢, the more dances will be unlocked!). Once you train your Zoomer Enchanted Unicornâ„¢ to do the Spin Left trick.
Click here to download instructions for Zoomer Enchanted Unicornâ„¢
NEW Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn! Interactive unicorn that walks, dances, and more! Five accessories activate.
Got a question ? Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn has an answer 🤗! Available only at Toys R Us. Don’t forget to.
Princess Celestia has asked Applejack to help her train a new Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn who is visiting.
Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn is now available exclusively at Toys R’ Us. She moves. 1 Sugar Cube Accessory; 1 Magic Wand; Instruction booklet; Cheat Sheet .
Zoomer Hungry Bunnies. Nom, nom, nom, the Hungry Bunnies are here! Adopt a fluffy-eared Hungry Bunny and feed it delicious treats! Always ready for food, .
Buy Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn Exclusive Interactive Toy: Toys & Games – Amazon.com. to learn all of them so I’d recommend that you keep the instructions.

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